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I like how pt info can be erased!

Strap length

Liked it, but the strap could be longer.

Paper saver

They allow me to take report in narrative form. Easily cleaned with alcohol wipes.

MedSurg & PCU Report Book
Jonathan Anderson
Great for Mew Gead

This will help me be organized and keep patients safe

Hip Pack

Holds more than you think!

Love this for bedside nursing!!

I haven’t used it for clinical/work yet however, I’ve tested it out at home & I’m loving it thus far. Definitely a must have for nursing staff that like being organized.

MedSurg & PCU Report Book
Christina Guimond
Best investment!

So easy to clean, especially on those unexpected float shifts in the middle of an assignment!

I only received two Clean spray bottles and they are both empty. Not very happy with this shipment!!

MedSurg & PCU Report Book
Priscilla Morris
Love it

I absolutely love this report book! It’s great for notes and reports! Does not smear and comes off with alcohol wipe!

Awesome for working the TCU

it’s too small and I can’t utilize it

Perfect fit

They were a perfect complement to the brain sheets. I actually separated each patient with a blank page for random notes and reminders!

Love the book just wish I could get the spray with my book.

Order never received

Hello I never received my order :(

Hip Pack
Janie Garza

Great purchase! Very convenient.

Hip Pack
Deborah Linne
Perfect size

Love this- just large enough to hold everything I need, but not so big it’s unwieldy.

Love the extra space for notes!

awesome quality

The T shirt is great, I love what it says, it's great quality and wears nicely

ICU Report Book
Brandi Luiz
awesome quality

I have really enjoyed my report book, it took me a bit to get used to the format but I love it. I get complimented and questioned about it regularly!! :)

MedSurg & PCU Report Book
Gloria Ana Abad
My niece and nephew loved it

Thanks moxie

Moxie Med Surg Report book with extra pages

I really like the functionality of the report book, extra pages helpful. The negative it is difficult to clean. When cleaning one page it will smear the next page. It takes a lot of alcohol wipes to clean each page. Edge of each page is stained and liquid is getting through the edges of each page which is going to damage pages. I only use alcohol wipes and sharpie ultra thin pens. I never use red markers.
I want to give a great view because I like it for it's use but the cleaning part needs improvement. I have been using 3 x a week for about a month and I do not think it has longevity and it does not seem cost effective.

Pop-In Pages: Blank w/Tabs (Set of 3)

MedSurg & PCU Report Book
Christina Ennis

Love it, so much easier & convenient for report

ICU Report Book
Brookley Harper
It’s a hit!

This report book is awesome! Everyone at work loves it too!