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PCT & CNA Report Book
Brandian Liestman

Bought these to give to my CNA's at work as a reward. They love them.

Fantastic product.

Returning customer

Originally started with the PCU handbook and had it for several years until it was literally held together by tape. This time around I upgraded to the ICU book because I like having more space to write with. Everyone that I work with thinks it's the coolest thing, it's a great conversation starter!

Great quality. Love the fact that you can add extra pages. I am a creature of habit however, as I write big, fast and messy. I found that my old way on paper worked best for me. Great idea though!

Hip Pack
Dianne Alonso
Very handy

Love my pouch..very handy and looks good too...Also very sturdy..


Love love love this insert! Can't wait to use it.

Blank Report Book

Absolutely perfect

I bought the L&D sheets and they are great. I showed it to all my coworkers and they loved them too!!! Some of them ordered their own!! Patiently waiting for a NICU/newborn nursery and post partum/mother baby sheets.

PCT & CNA Report Book
Anelisa Spagnola
Report book

I absolutely love this product. It is so convenient and easy to use. I also got the Fanny pack type thing and it is AMAZING. Highly recommend both.

I love this!!

I work on MedSurg as a New Grad Nurse and I used to be so awkward with nurse to nurse report for discharges or for shift change and having this has made me much more comfortable giving report! I adore these books!!! My preceptor had one and loves hers and that’s what led me to purchasing someone. I do wish there was an option for a bigger one and I’ve had a few coworkers mention the same as they write bigger than the space allows. But I am happy to make it work with this one since it fits perfectly in my pocket!

Blank Report Book
kanyanee yontrakarn
Blank moxie book

I love it. I work in the cath lab so there’s really no template for me to use. I got a book with empty pages and I’m able to fill in whatever I need for the day. Whether it’s patient info, supply restock for the rooms, or report for where ever the patient is going. I love it!

Perfect addition to my med-surg report sheets

Perfect for between my MS report sheets to write meds and notes.

PCT & CNA Report Book

ICU Report Book
wendy reeves

Wish it was blank or lined sheet on back of right side report sheet so when u open u had report (left) report (right) with note page on back of right side. We have to end up with page of notes during day but like the basic concept

MedSurg & PCU Report Book
Christal Roldan
Wonderful for student nurses

I'm a student in a nursing program. I love my "Brain".

Awesome product!

These are a great addition to the six patient report book. I now have clean pages available for use at the start of my shift when a previous patient discharged during the prior shift.

Using as an ER nurse

While I'm not using this as intended, I LOVED the med surge book when I worked as a med surge float pool nurse. Now that I'm in the ER, I don't need as much detail and I need way more "patients" because the patient turnover is so high. I use each page as a patient room (expecting that each room may have 3 patients during my shift and expecting to use an empty page, if a room yields more than 3 patients) and this works great! I'm able to keep track of important info and make notes for myself.

Love mine!

I’m an L&D nurse. When I took my current job there wasn’t a report sheet that I absolutely loved. So I made my own but I hate the idea of paper waste, especially if I get my patients back. Love being able to just erase it with an alcohol prep pad.

I love them . Perfect just what i needed

MedSurg & PCU Report Book
Karina Simensen

Report Book: Med-Surg & PCU

MedSurg & PCU Report Book
Christiane Engman

Report Book: Med-Surg & PCU

ICU Report Book
Amber Lipscomb
Great Resource

Great resource for report that doesn’t get wet or torn. I tend to have med-leg writing so writing a little smaller will take some adjusting too. I think a great addition would be to offer a slightly larger size with more space per section

Great purchase

Keeps me organized in my busy job!

ICU Report Book
Debi Schall

Would like more front cover designs offers

Med Surg /Prog

I love it I gave four stars because of marker left on there more than a day or so it’s hard for it to come off. I was thinking about getting a small alcohol spray bottle instead of using alcohol prep pads then I won’t have to use so many and wipe with paper towel.Other than that it keeps me organized. Next I will try the ICU pages.I did order extra blank pages that was helpful to me