Hello. I’m Aubrey, a co-creator of Moxie PRN with my husband in beautiful Arizona. I am a wife, mom and a proud nurse. I wanted to own items that displayed my love and passion for my career but I had a hard time finding brands that encompassed everything I was looking for… too cheap, too cheesy, too cutesy. My husband told me to create my own! So in 2018 we created Moxie PRN for nurses everywhere!  

In 2019 we released the original product I had worked to design and create myself - to use at work! The reusable report book! I am so happy to see other medical professionals enjoy the product as much as I do.            

Moxie: brave, courage, daring, fearless, virtue, spunk, sass and determination

PRN: whenever you need it

The focus of Moxie PRN is to bring you creative, beautiful products that help make nurses days just a litttttllllle easier! We believe in loving people and showing support for communities!


Two values that drive Moxie PRN and my personal life are

Giving Back

A percentage of all profits are donated to Charity Water (a non-profit organization with the mission of bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries) or The Kafunjo Project (an orphanage and school providing care and education for children in need in Uganda).

Supporting Fellow Nurses

Throughout nursing school, my 10 years of working bedside as a nurse and eventually launching Moxie PRN, I've been overwhelmed with the amount of support received from fellow nurses! It's my mission to pay it forward to nurses in training and in the field. You guys are awesome!