Care and Use for your Report Book!

It's Simple

  • Write with Sharpie (Dry Erase or Wet Erase Markers can be used as well) 
  • Clean with only alcohol swabs
  • We recommend erasing at the end of each shift

As a tip the best erasing technique is small circles across the page, it allows the alcohol to loosen the marker from the page and clean it easily rather than smear it!

There are many brands and colors of permanent markers and it is impossible for us to test them all. The black sharpie marker is definitely recommended for these products however the surface may be compatible with other colors and brands as well. Please use caution and test a small area first, allowing the marker to stay on for a full 12 hours before erasing it.

Compatible Markers (links for Amazon) found in most Walmart & Target stores

 Retractable Sharpies! - don't lose the convenience of the click

Compatible Wipes (links for Amazon)

  • Hospital alcohol swabs
  • 2x2 swabs if you need extra to keep at home

Incompatible Products

  • please be sure to only clean your product with alcohol swabs, other harsh chemicals or added ingredients may damage the product.


The guide at the bottom allows you to cross off when your charting is done!

  • CC - Chart Check
  • A - Assessment
  • P - Plan of Care
  • E - Education
  • O - Outcome
  • F - Falls
  • I/O - intake and outputs

Above the B/L/D - breakfast/lunch/dinner symbols are an area to chart glucose checks if they are needed and I will cross it off once I give insulin! There is a place for everything so you never forget to check important information!