5 Tools Every Nurse Needs - including one you have never heard of!

Nursing - a whirlwind of coffee, endless tasks and charting! It is helpful to bring the right tools to work so you can be organized, protect yourself and bring your own style with you as you provide excellent care for people. Being efficient and organized allows you to spend more time caring for your patients. Taking the right precautions allows you to know that your family is safe at home and not being bombarded with hospital germs. Bringing a little style can help you be more of yourself and brings a little joy to your shift and hopefully those around you. Here are 5 tools (some standard and some unique) to help you stay organized, safe and stylin'!
1. Stethoscope
The only thing better than graduating and passing the NCLEX is picking out your first stethoscope! What a defining moment for a nurse. Check out this one from MDF Instruments! Beautiful + Functional = One Happy Nurse.
2. Template
A must have for any nurse is the perfect template! One designed to hold patient information efficiently, keep you organized during your shift and wipe and re-use?! Check out this one of a kind Breeze that allows you to take report with a Sharpie marker, clean with alcohol swabs and use again your next shift! Wanna see it in action? Check out this video!
3. Shoe Box
Another important aspect of nursing is taking care of yourself. This includes not bringing home all the nasty stuff that you encounter at work. A fantastic way to do that is to keep a box in the trunk of your car for your work shoes! Put them on before you walk in to work and take them off before you drive home!
4. Penlight
This small but mighty diagnostic tool is an important one to keep in your pocket! You never know when you will need to do a neuro assessment on a patient. A two pack like this one can be handy so you always know you have one that has batteries in it!
5. Silicone Ring
A newer "tool" that has made it into the lives of nurses lately is a cute silicone ring. You can wear it to work instead of your wedding ring so you don't worry about bringing home germs. It is also super soft and will not rip your gloves your scratch patients when provided hands on care.